Monday, July 24, 2006


Tonight I'm sitting here watching crap on tv(ms universe pagent for God's sake) trying to not go to bed.

Usually when Adam's been gone for the week-end with military he's home by now. All is right in our family, Conner is elated that dada is home, and I feel safe once again. Of course Adam's not here and we still have 12 more days without him. I keep reminding myself that I did this for 4 months before and it is only 14 days and umm hello, there are people whose better halfs are actually in a dangerous situation across the world, and mine is just in Alabama. But it still sucks.

I was able to talk with him on Friday night so that was nice, and Conner was still awake so I was glad for both of them.

I'm comforted though that it's about this time that Lilli "wake's up" and insists on pumeling the crap out of my insides, but it reminds me that I won't be going to bed "alone" and I'm surrounded by most of my loved ones and Adam will be home soon.

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