Thursday, August 31, 2006

32 weeks HOLY CRAP!

Kids, we only have about 8 weeks left. It seems like this pregnancy has just flown by, and like Conner's I've loved just about every minute of it.

Had a drs appt today, and so far everything is still looking good, my blood pressure rocks and I'm doing fab on the weight, her heartbeat is perfect and she's measuring right where she should be.

Next appt is on September 28th and we'll be doing the Strep B test and an internal to see if we've started any progress.

My backs started hurting on a pretty regular basis and oy do my legs and "area" hurt. The docs said that Lilli has already dropped and she is just exerting pressure on the bones down there, but it still feels like someone hit me with a bat.

In other exciting drs office news, I saw a midget little person there and that wasn't the only awesome part, he thought it was "funny" to sit there and burp incredibly loud while the rest of us where sitting in the waiting room too. Babies mama was not impressed either. It's not every day you get to see a little person, and even rarer is a lewd little person!


  1. time sure does fly... glad taht everything's ok so far.. Do continue to take care of yourself and lily as we continue our prayers for a safe delivery..

  2. so exciting. . .I am looking for a stylish Thai inspired baby outfit to send your way. I need to get on that as mail can take 1-4 weeks. I'm glad that everything seems to be going well!