Thursday, August 3, 2006


So surely you all have seen this whole brooohaha over the magazine, BabyTalk, featuring a child, nursing on the cover.

As a mom who nursed and plans on nursing the next baby, I feel strongly about the strengths of breast-feeding as well as the tribulations and trials that accompany it. I only nursed Conner in public once, and I had a lightweight blanket over us.

I'm all for nursing in public, I think it's important for the baby to be feed and kept on a schedule, just as I think it's imporant for the mom to be able to get her stuff done and not have her life revolve around the booby. However, I do think that women should make an effort to be discreet if they know they are in a place that has high-traffic or children. Why? Because it's common freaking decency. Why would you want to go out of your way to make someone feel uncomfortable? just because you can, fine we'll just start calling you Howard Stern (gag).

I don't think stores should kick out mothers who are nursing, but at the same time, have a little respect for your fellow citizen and realize that they are all not as mature about bodily functions as you may be, but don't take it upon yourself to think you have to educate them.

As far as the magazine cover being offensive? Give me a break. It's what the body was designed to do, and I'd rather have my son learning about women and their body's this way rather then sneaking a playboy or feeling that there should be anything embarassing about the human body. PLUS it's a freaking BABY MAGAZINE. and I know it's already been said but what about the covers of pubs like FHM, MAXIM or others?

Grow up people, freaking grow up.

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  1. This is an excellent post.
    Don't like to see a woman nursing in public? Don't look. Want to nurse in public? Don't go out of your way to show everything off to make some sort of statement. As you so well put it, "Grow up people, freaking grow up."