Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the boy

With so much stuff going on I feel like I've deprived you precious readers of some awesome pictures of the boy.
This past Saturday we went to the Mt. St. Francis picnic so he could burn some energy. *snort* good idea mom, it was like 100+degrees with the heat index and I 'm glad i brought Leesh along, otherwise it may have been bad times. (preterm labor anyone).

Conner headed for the big inflatable slide and jumping-thingy and played until he was about to pass out.

mt st francis down he goes

mt st francis

mt st francis 030

Of course there was almost a beatdown of some little girl who got in the jumper thing and wanted to be the only one so she kept running over and pushing Conner down and laying on him, yelling that he had to get out.
Conner reenacted the scene with a teddy-bear the whole way home. Good times.

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