Thursday, August 10, 2006

Co-Sleeping Debate

The great debate of co-sleeping is one that has been going on for probably forever/as long as people have been having children.

For those of you NOT in the know, co-sleeping is basically when the baby sleeps in the same bed as the parents. Insighting passionate arguments on both sides. Those for it, say it creates a strong bond and it's nice to cuddle with your baby and not have to get out of the bed to comfort them as often, those opposed so the chance of suffication and death is to great, plus it can prove to be problematic later on when trying to transfer the child into their own bed/room. Now I'm not talking about isolated incidents of napping together on a Saturday afternoon, but the regular basis, especially when the child is still too young to recognize it's in danger.

This story recently popped up in our local paper, and I think that Ms. Bonhotal put's it best when she makes the comparison to drunk driving.

Also um 24 years old and she already has 7 kids. WTF, that means she started popping them out at what, 17?
I'd be interested to learn the other background information on this family.


  1. Hm. There are "safe" ways to do co-sleeping and non-safe ways to do co-sleeping. The way you're *supposed* to do it is to have the baby between two adults, with both adults facing the baby. Extra precaution needs to be taken to ensure that the mattress/bedding on the adult bed isn't thick/poofy enough to suffocate the baby.
    Nowhere does the scenario of "another child crawls into the bed and rolls over onto the baby" fall under the category of "safe co sleeping".
    So yeah. Irresponsible co-sleeping is like drunk driving.. Or let's rephrase this. Irresponsible cosleeping is like irresponsible driving. :)
    But yeah, seriously- I'd love to hear a bit more about that woman's family structure. I mean. It's possible that she didn't start having kids until she was 21, and just popped out a few sets of triplets? :)

  2. i like to be all respectful of people's choices, and i am sure there is a right and wrong or better way for co-sleeping. but all of my friends who co-slept have had a hell of a time getting their kids on a normal schedule when it stopped. i would have tried it, but where would the cat have slept? i was also probably uncessarily afraid of smooshing her. the family in the story sounds like an anomaly. a sad sad anomaly. poor little lamb.