Thursday, August 3, 2006

No, it's cause it's dirty

Umm the real reason that people don't shop at this store is because it's dirty, most of the other people that shop there are scary, and they don't carry a lot of stuff.

It's sad but true, shopping here would be a lot easier for me since it's only like 5 blocks from my house, but I don't because it is terrifying to go in there. You have the craziest of crazy's hanging out there. People don't buy "cartfulls" of food there because they can't afford it. Not being a judgemental bitch but the few times I have gone in there the other patrons have been buying WIC stuff only, or cigarettes.

I don't know why it's open 24 hours either, oh wait yes I do, crazy crack heads.

But awesome, that means were going to have another empty building sitting in New Albany.

I will have to go there and buy all their moon-pies though.

1 comment:

  1. We have a store like that near our home but, thankfully, it isn't 24 hours. It's dirty and scary. And ew.
    New Albany. Where do you live?