Wednesday, August 9, 2006

sloooooww doooowwwn

Damn, I feel like ever since Adam got home, we've just been going and going.

I feel super stressed at work, at home and in the city. I'm not sure if it's nesting coming up early or if my brain chemicals are off again.

Conner started a daycare this week and today's his second day. He seems to be going strong, but I'm a paranoid mess, and imagine EVERY worse case scenario. Like he manages to escape out the front door and into the street, he cries all day, he gets bitten or physically assaulted in some way, he gets attacked by a venemous duck, he get's the gay,you know every mothers worst fear stuff!

Plus, our beshitted city can't get their act together and it's driving me just nuts. I'm sick of incompetance and I'm sick of the blame. I'm sick of everyone trying to be all politically correct and not standing up and saying what the real problems in the city are.

Adam and his brother just bought a new house to redo and that will soon be sucking all our free-time :-(, and I just want to go home and curl up with him and Conner on the bed. I feel like I'm not good at being a housekeeper person and like the house is in perpetual nastiness, and it kills me because I know Adam hates it.

Gaaahhh, must breathe...

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