Thursday, August 3, 2006

When I arrived at my mom's last night to pick up the boy, she produced a lovely Target bag full of maternity clothes purchased on clearance. Whooot.

The non-whoot part, she still makes me try EVERYTHING on. in front of her. so she can do the crotch jiggle and make sure everything fits. I am 25 and pregnant with my 2nd child. Mom, seriously. But hey it means' free couture* so what can you do?

She was the most excited about a pair of brown/baby blue plaid pants. "For Church" she blurted! I told her that right now we are working on about 3 pairs that fit so they're all church pants.

As I was trying them on, she also excitedly pointed out that they were capri's. Umm yeah mom, see me putting them on? Only, on me? Not so much. The just look like I got pants that are too short.

What the hell, I can make 'em work.

* Right so I know that Target doesn't exactly qualify as couture but piss off it's a fun word to use.

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