Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Confession Time

So I have an embarassing confession to make. I like to chew on sponges. Like really REALLY like to chew on sponges. And not just any sponges. They have to be a certain kind, have a certain texture and have no taste.

No kitchen sponges or make-up sponges. Usually I can find them in the car wash section.

I have had this weird-o fascination for a while, and now feel like I can openly embrace it. I have actually searched on the internet to see if I can find any information on this, but I haven't been able too.

This is something I can't explain, and Adam gives me shit for it all the time. It's really almost borderline obesession.

You guys have any weird-o stuff like this going on?


  1. When I'm stressed I like to roll the beads on bracelets of mine. I just roll, roll, roll until I feel better. For some reason the feel, motion and sound soothes me. I also like to cry in the shower, Josh can tell when I'm really upset because I go right to the shower. It's my own private little sob stall. Serious question, do you leave drooly sponges laying around?

  2. actually, yes. At night when we're watching tv I sometimes throw them at Adam, and try to get it in his glass. He really likes that.

  3. Hmm. I prefer Oreos and milk. I'm thinking that the sponges may be a lot lower in calories....

  4. Wow, have you ever gotten one in his glass and then he didn't notice unitl he was taking a drink? That would be soooo funny!