Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Last Sunday was Grandparent's Day. Sure it's a made up Hallmark Holiday, but it's still fun to celebrate none the less. Sunday was also the day that my grandparents church dedicated their new pulpit.

When my grandpa passed away in January, he made it clear that he wanted all expressions of sympathy to be donated to his church's building fund. He and my grandma had been going to this small church since they moved her 30+ years ago, and were both very very involved there. The church is in the process of going through some major renovations and having such a small congregation has put some strains of their plans, financially.

They needed a new pulpit to match the rest of the interior of the new sanctuary, but sadly that got pushed to the "hey won't that be nice" list. With the money that was donated by friends and family the church decided to get a pulpit and dedicate it in my grandpa's name.

My grandma spoke a few words during the service and she asked me to speak as well. I read the list I'd made of things I'd never forget about my grandpa. It was hard but nice. So many people were touched by knowing my grandpa and he was an excellent role model.

I miss you grandpa and I still think about you every day, I can hear your sing-song hi to Conner when we would walk in the front door of your house, and I wonder every time how long until I can't hear it anymore. I'm sorry Lilli won't get to meet you in person, but I'm glad Conner did. I'm thankful for all the love and support you always gave.

grandpa's pulpit 008

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