Friday, September 1, 2006

Mommy blogging?

I’m listening to the podcast (or whatever you call a non-live version of it) of the “MommyBlogging is a Radical Act” panel from Blogher 2006. Last year at Blogher 2005, Alice from Finslippy made the statement that Mommy Blogging is a radical act, in response to some of the accusations that writers who use their blogs to write about their children are wasting precious resources and should be focusing more on changing the world and other radical acts.

So this year they devoted a panel to this topic. The speakers are Finslippy, Sweetney and Mir, all of whose blogs I read on a regular basis. So far the dominating topic has been about the actual title of “mommy blogging” and whether or not it’s insulting and blah, blah, blah. BLAH exactly. That sums up how I feel about it and the fact that it’s even a controversy. I guess it goes along the same lines as what Ms. Roosevelt said, "Noone can make you feel inferior without your consent".

(Holy crap, Grace Davis just spoke, siigh, she's awesome)

When Jen talked about this very thing after returning home from Blogher, it got me thinking about a lot of things. One of the things (bashfully) was “Why isn’t my blog more read”? I guess not even that, I have a site counter I know people read it, and visit, and sometimes comment. People tell me they read my blog. Is it because of my topics? Because I’m a shit writer? Because I’m just not as cool?-Holy shit, did you feel that? I think we all just went back in time about 8 years to when I was in high school. Then I remind myself that, that’s not why I started, I started it to keep people that I loved who were away, updated on what was going on with me and home. I’ve used it for writing about me, Adam, Conner, my family, my hometown, my faith and for a while I wrote about work. (yeah I nixed that idea and deleted those posts). It also got me thinking about why I don’t write about certain things like politics and business news etc. I don’t write about that stuff because I have no idea where to even start when it comes to those things. Yeah, I consider myself to be pretty smart, but I don’t think along those lines unfortunately. Not to say I wouldn’t like to, but ask me about the GOP’s political motivation and you’ll probably get the head-tilted stare that I get from Gracee when I ask her if she has to pee. But ask me about Conner’s favorite past-time right now (helicopters and trains) or what’s the best way to market my hometown, then you better grab a seat because we might be here a while.

Sweetney has posted a few times about the ever-growing number of blogs that pop up everyday. (we are talking thousands a day), and then I think about the connections that I have made with other bloggers and how their actions and lives affect me. Example, TB over at Soul Gardening recently found out she was pregnant after years and years of trying. When I started to read the post announcing her pregnancy, I held my breath until she came out and said it, then? I cried. I cried and grinned. When I told Adam, he looked at me like I was crazy.

Maybe I am, but I’m glad to know that I was able to pray for her and J, and that I was able to see some good news in a world that seems like it’s going to shit.

Anyway, this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but, meah, I felt like writing about this and I’m not done.


  1. i think blogging is just about writing what you feel like writing. It doesnt matter if you are a business man, a mother, a student, or wahtever.. its just plain freedom of speech..
    2 paisa worth

  2. I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. i am not a "blogger", but a long lost friend. i read your blog on a pretty regular basis. you have the cutest/funniest stories about pregnancy, the boy, family, just regular stuff that makes me laugh, cry or whatever right along with you. i may not be posting comments on a regular basis, but i am out here, loving that i feel connected to a friend that i might otherwise have lost touch with. so, although you may not get into deep political rantings, you appeal to your readers and we keep coming back because you're doing a great job!! keep on keepin on...