Thursday, September 14, 2006

Normal activities- isn't that how we got here in the first place?

I just had a really weird, really strong Deja vu moment with my moo goo gai pan for lunch. This baby is messing with my mind.

In other baby news, I got the all clear today from the doc to return to "normal activities" (Adam is psyched) he said that as long as I've made it this far he's happy. Lilli's heartbeat is all good and she's measuring right on track. No more checks until my next appt in 2 weeks. So it could be tomorrow, it could be 6 more weeks.

Let's hope for the latter as our nursery STILL is not done.

In other cute baby news Conner now requests "lubies" when he wants to hug and kiss. When I dropped him off at my moms house this morning he gave me extra lubies and gave "lilli" a "kisses" too. Christ on a cracker (thanks erika) this kid rules.


  1. The Hubby around here was so distraught. At 20 weeks they discovered the previa. Shortly after that resolved, I was on bed rest. ANd now he has to wait at least 3 more weeks until I get the "ok" from my OB.
    Poor guy.

  2. I'm so glad that everything is looking okay. I need to put a rush on your package. . .can you email me your house number?

  3. Christ on a cracker?! HAHAHA!! That's hilarious!