Monday, October 2, 2006

One Week

Wow, one week ago to the hour (as I write this) I was just feeling the first twinges of Lillian as she prepared to make her way to this world. It seems like yesterday, but at the same time weeks ago.

Want an awesome story about the sweetest boy in the world? This morning, I was showing Conner some pics of Lilli, and when we got to the one where she was crying, he was so concerned, he said "lilli cry?" And then ran off and came back with a little soft baby toy and said, "Lilli have it, no cry, lovies". I.LOST.MY.SHIT. of course I started crying like a fool. Damn we are so lucky with him.

She is getting better everyday, all we are waiting on now is for her billi level to come down, and after the two massive poops she had today, that should be the case in the morning. The dr gave us a tentative coming home day of Tuesday, but I've gone through this before, so I won't really believe them until we have her in the carseat.

We got moved to the intermediate care section, which is much quieter and much more lax. I got to hold her several times today for longer then the 10 minutes it takes her to eat. She curls up and fits perfectly on my chest.

Again, I can't thank everyone enough for their calls, comments and emails. Knowing people are out there rooting for us makes things a lot easier. Of course this means a barrage of baby photos for the next few days weeks months however long I feel! :-)

Me and the bebe', (click for more)

lillian 10.1 012.jpg


  1. She's perfectly beautiful! and you are glowing! Gina

  2. I'm so glad y'all are doing well. She is adorable and your story about Conner made ME lose, he is too cute!! I love all the pics, can't wait til you get her home and get some of Lilli and the boy!!

  3. She is getting more beautiful every day. Loved your comment about Conner and the toy. He is such a beautiful boy inside and out.
    You have every reason to be very proud parents.

  4. The two of you are s sweet. I want to gobble her up!

  5. OH Wonderful!!! I just wanted to check in before I head out (away from the amazing internet) for a few days. I love that there is such great news. I am so happy for you. Conner is a great big brother. Enjoy!!!

  6. You both look great. I hope she's home with you soon!

  7. Where have I been? I missed Lilli's arrival! Congratulations! She's absolutely gorgeous! I hope she's home soon. Although she looks pretty at home snoozing on you. ;)

  8. Good to hear that things are going well..
    and yes, the love and concern that conner showed.... really heart touching...
    God bless.