Wednesday, November 15, 2006

100 Things *UPDATED*

whew I finally got it finished. It's hard to do these without feeling like you're bragging about yourself, no?

1. My middle name is Michelle
2. I have one sister, Alicia
3. My parents are still together
4. I have one son, Conner Addison, born July 29, 2004
5. I have one daughter, Lillian Eve Stockton, born September 25, 2006
6. Both of my grandpas died this year
7. I named Lilli after my grandpa Fred, his middle name was Stockton.
8. I was with my Granddad Dirk when he took his last breaths in the hospital.
9. He moved out here from CA in October of 2005. Before then I only saw him 4 times my entire life.
10. I miss them both terribly
11. I sell advertising for magazines
12. I make more money then Adam
13. It surprises me
14. Adam really is OK with it
15. That’s a lot of freaking pressure
16. I am a Christian
17. I am a registered Democrat
18. I used to drive a Jetta, it’s been my favorite car, and I regret selling it every day.
19. I am a deacon at my church
20. I am involved in the local politics of my hometown
21. I love shoes
22. A lot
23. A whole lot
24. Like, it’s almost a problem
25. I have 58 pairs of shoes
26. See!?
27. We live in a 130 year old house
28. I think it’s haunted
29. But the ghosts are nice, and don’t visit very often
30. We have a lot of renovation work to do.
31. We have the nursery done.
32. We have two weimaraners
33. Gandee and Gracee
34. Adam and I got married on February 26, 2005
35. We got married in a historic home in downtown Louisville
36. Our friend Bret was the officiant
37. He got “ordained” over the internet
38. It meant more to us then anyone else doing it
39. I’ve met Zig Ziglar
40. I think he’s great
41. I’ve never been to Europe
42. I really want to go to Italy
43. I’m a super fast reader
44. Sometimes it sucks because I spend so much on books and they only entertain me for a few days
45. I like to cross-stitch
46. I made a sampler with Conner’s name
47. I’m working on Lilli’s now
48. We are done having babies
49. I’m kind of sad about that
50. We are thinking about moving. AGAIN.
51. We have moved 6 times since we have been together.
52. Hiring movers is the best $150 I’ve ever spent.
53. I love music, like a lot.
54. I miss going to see local shows
55. Adam doesn’t share my passion for live music
56. Both my babies were in the NICU after they were born
57. I’m a member of public radio
58. I used to work at Victoria’s Secret and Target. I have also worked for a law firm.
59. The job I had in college, paid for most of my schooling.
60. I can tell you more about bras and undies then you ever needed to know
61. I have more undies then any normal person needs
62. I hate the word panties, blech it makes me shudder
63. I would love a job at an ad agency or PR firm
64. I scrapbook and make stationary in my “free time”
65. I’m not ashamed to admit I love diamonds and diamond jewelry
66. If only I could Adam to buy me more.
67. I have been struggling to lose weight for the last 5 years
68. I have three tattoos, on my wrist, ankle and back
69. I want more!!!
70. I used to have my tongue and right nipple pierced.
71. I took out the tongue ring when I was pregnant with Conner and it induced morning sickness
72. I took the nipple ring out like 3 months after I got it.
73. The nickname Ceece, came from my younger cousin who couldn’t say Courtney, and said CeCe instead, it eventually got shortened to Ceece.
74. I don’t talk to my best friends from high-school anymore, and it makes me sad. ( hi steph, sarah, amber)
75. In high school, I played tennis, swam, was in theatre and the color guard with the marching band
76. I loved being pregnant
77. I have a Nikon D50
78. I get sick to my stomach just seeing a commercial for Baileys
79. I passed out in my friend’s yard on 4th of July 2005, the cops came, and had to ask Adam if I was alright.
80. I haven’t had a drink of Jager since.
81. I love button-up shirts
82. My favorite stores are Target, Eddie Bauer, Gap and Babies R Us
83. Adam is in the Army National Guard
84. I love to decorate for fall and Christmas
85. I forgo my hair and manicure budgets in Oct-Dec to buy Christmas decorations
86. I love buying people presents
87. I have a hard time waiting till the right time to give it to them
88. My favorite restaurants are Qdoba, Panera Bread, Morton’s and Fuji
89. I love DMB
90. I have seen them 7 times
91. I did an internship at Walt Disney World in college
92. I hated it then, but am so glad I did it now
93. I am currently reading a biography on Walt Disney
94. He was a crazy dude.
95. I like bluegrass music
96. I take way to many pictures of my babies
97. Cardigans are my favorite article of clothing
98. Dr. Pepper is my carbonated beverage of choice
99. I HATE sweetened tea
100. I eat way to many carbs

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