Monday, November 27, 2006

2 months

Happy 2 month birthday little Lilli-Bug! You have grown so much over the last month. Now you are awake for longer periods of time and love to look around. We just put the Christmas Tree up, and the lights are fantastic! We're going to have to start feeding you steak as you're already eating 6 oz a feeding. I'm getting scared I won't be able to keep up!

You have filled out all over and now have a cute little double chin, chubby cherub cheeks, rolly-polly squishy legs and fingers and toes I love to eat.

You recognize mine and daddies voices, and Conner adores you. He hates to hear you cry and does what he can to comfort you.

We had a rocky start but you are growing by leaps and bounds and I love you so much!


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  1. great to hear.. have a wonderful season of love
    god bless