Wednesday, November 1, 2006

First one...

So today officially kicks off NaBloPoMo, and I can't get my damn wireless to work with me. I had a fun little post all written out (with pictures) recapping Halloween and I can't get the pictures to work.


In other news, I have my 2nd clogged duct in a week.



  1. take a nice hot shower and massage those boobies. we can wait for photos. i haven't put up any yet either.

  2. Just stopping by on the NaBloPoMo randomizer thingy.
    Clogged ducts are the worst. I have had only one thus far (9 1/2 months exclusive) and would not like another ever, thank you ever so much. I hope yours goes away quickly!
    I am going to do the pumpkin picture thing and never tell my boy it took me until the week after halloween to get that idea. Cute.
    Happy blogging!