Tuesday, November 7, 2006

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well kids, it's here. Christmas shopping season has once again been thrust opon us. Whether we like it or not. As Wal*Mart so lovingly reminded me as I made a late night mad dash for diapers recently, there are less then 50 shopping days left before Christmas, or in terms that are more terrifying around the Paris house, a mere 3 paychecks until Christmas. Holy.Crap.

I don't totally hate this though. I love shopping for other people. I love doing the research in finding them the perfect gift. Although, I hate waiting and usually end up giving them their present early, forcing me to wait until the last minute to do my shopping.

While I was perusing the internet today at work looking for Christmas gifts (on my lunch break of course), I began to think about what to get Adam. I am totally stumped. All this man does is construction work, and play with the babies. He does the construction work FOR FUN, it's not even his "real" job. He has more Home Depot gift certificates then he knows what to do with, and his family usually takes care of his new work shirts every year (could we be more lame, right?). I decided to look back at some of the gifts I've gotten him in the past for inspiration, then I remembered the very first Christmas present I gave him. We were in 10th grade, and he still had quite the reputation as the ummm herbal fan (?) and Pink Floyd was making their big comeback in our school, and of course black lights were cool. So I bought him these flourescent black light drip candles for his room. Ha it seems so laughable now, but at the time it was awesome. Or I thought so anyway.

Do you have any funny present stories?


  1. This post made me laugh out loud. In high school I joked about wanting a tickle me elmo doll (the year they were imposible to get) and my boyfriend's mom bought me a tickle me elmo sweat shirt. I was like, uh, do I have to wear this thing? As, I was a herbal fan at the time as well, and it didn't really fit my image.

  2. When I was going through my "herbal phase" (super euphemism!) I bought the guy I was dating a pipe that had two mouth pieces for his birthday. It looked like a T, and was ridiculous, but we had fun with it. And took pictures. It's strange to look back at how ok I was with not only breaking the law, but making photographic evidence of it.