Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today as we assembled with family and friends, I started to think about all that I had to be grateful for.

I am grateful that Adam is my husband, and he is home and safe this holiday season. He is such a wonderful husband and a much more incredible father then I could have ever imagined. His patience with me and Lilli at 1 in the morning when she seems to be inconsolable, and when Conner wants nothing else but for him to hold him.

I am grateful for my little Conner Bean. He is just more perfect then we could have hoped for. He is so well behaved and so cute, sometimes I can't believe that we "made him", grateful that he is happy and healthy and loves Lilli. I can't wait for Christmas, and to see how excited he's getting and going to get.

I am grateful for little Lilli-Bug, and even though she arrived a wee bit early, she is growing like a weed, and is a happy baby just like her brother. What a perfect closing addition to our family.

I'm grateful that my family is close and we are all healthy this year. 2006 was rough but we were all together and able to support each other.

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