Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Welcome To New Albany, What Problem?

In the 15 months that Adam and I have lived in our new house in the heart of historic downtown New Albany, we have been attempting to work with the neighborhood association and other concerned citizens of New Albany to encourage and motivate the government to enforce policys and ordinances that will curb the garbage and neglect of the housing. Especially rental property.

This has been met with jeers by others in the city that we are "out to get the poor" and we are selfish. Make no mistake this has nothing to do with your income level or your social status. It's about personal responsibility. In this day and age where people are so afraid of stepping on someone else's toes or hurting someones feelings, often times it leaves us spinning our wheels never really able to stand up and say what needs to be said. I have stated in city council meetings several times that, like it or not, I represent the future of New Albany. My income, my work, my ideas, my family will all leave if these challenges are not acknowledged (at least) by the administration. I mean really, what's keeping us here? (our neighbors and thats about it right now)

Over the summer we had two newschannels come and do stories on the dumping problem that's going on (and has been going on) by slumlords and their slumtennants. Because some of us decided to stand up and fight for a clean safe and respectable neighborhood, we were told by people "downtown" that we were an embarassment to the city.

We are often told that the correct people (building commiss, councilpersons, and other city officials) don't know about these problems. As you look at these pictures below, I ask you, how can you miss this?

Please don't misunderstand and think that we are only getting together and complaining. We have had several city forums for people and invited city officials to come together for a meeting of the minds and come up with solutions. The attendance by city officials has been apalling to say the least. Private citizens have even come together and done research on how other cities handle the challenges that we face, yet every time we are told that we don't have enough money, or we just can't do it.

Welcome To New Albany, What Problem?

Again, I ask, how long do you expect us to live among this?


  1. This was one of the reasons we moved to Sellersburg. I looked at quite a few houses around that area and loved them but I refused to live around trash. I think it is so sad that the city council and such will not do anything to fix this problem.

  2. It's a shame Stephanie moved to Sellersburg but it looks like a lot of other people are moving there.
    Maybe all of the Neighborhood Associations could get together or maybe we could have a town meeting. I don't have the answers but like you I am sick of seeing all of this trash.
    Pam Badger tries but she is only one person.
    Another thought, maybe the Neighborhood Association could send a letter to the offender and ask them to clean up their act. I know it sounds lame but it might embarrass them.
    I heard the Building Commissioner resigned. Have they found a replacement? We need someone who is going to do something in that job.
    Sorry for the rambling.

  3. WE HAVE to take this to the government in a way that they can not ignore the problem anymore.
    If we must use the media to embarrass the government in to action then so be it.
    Has anyone contacted the councilmen for this particular district as well as at large, and the mayor and invite them on a "tour" to let them see first hand how bad it is getting?
    I am in the same fight in my neighborhood, I dont want to take it to extremes and seem like someone with OCD with nothing better to do. But when you are told if you wish to sell our home we needed to start at $10k under appraised value due to the "detrimental state of the adjacent property". Thats the moment I went from passive to involved and I will stay involved vocal and active until step are taken to wrangel in these slumlords!

  4. Hey Ceece - nice piece! I'm sure you'll relate to another one of my NA issues which is the trash as you enter or exit the town on our highways. We should at least have a nice first visual impression but no, NA has the on and off ramps worse than the Bronx and I'm not kidding. It's incredibly shameful and it just doesn't seem like it would cost that much money to run a street sweeper on to a ramp once in a while and maybe plant a few trees. It's not brain science.

  5. Political correctness in distroying our country! Good luck with clean up New Albany. God knows it needs it.