Thursday, January 25, 2007

Drama in the 'hood

A few Saturdays ago early in the morning, as Adam was leaving for military, he noticed one of the girls across the street throwing stuff all over her yard and dumping a liquid on it. He stood on the porch and watch her tried to light some dudes (I'm guessing) clothes on fire! Hells to the yes.

I just wish he would have come and tried to wake me up. I'll get out of bed at 6 in the morning to see a slighted crazy woman lighting shit on fire!

Here's the aftermath. (it was raining so the clothes didn't burn too much)

drama in the neighborhood!


  1. So, ummm, are the clothes still there? If so, maybe it will snow. ha!

  2. You're so lucky. Are neighbors just shoot towards their own house and peel their tires in front of our other neighbors house. In the country we don't get to see the clothes burnings....but once the kids down the way blew a car up while welding too close to the gas tank!

  3. A few days ago one of the tenants at "HO-Island" was evicted - in handcuffs - by the police. It's the first time they've done anything "civilly" I mean you'd expect them just to those clothes out front and burn them...kinda like your neighbors.