Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Long

New Albany Housing Authority gets Indiana's whole slice of federal pie

How long before the city council starts trying to take these funds and reallocate them so they can say they worked hard not to raise taxes and fees and look! they found all this extra money that the "pergessives" were just going to waste!


  1. There are some interesting things in the works in New Albany. Potentially great things. I wish I could say more, but well I cannot. Ack!!

  2. These Federal monies can only be spent as HUD designates, so the city can't touch them. I feel my Mother, Nora Etta, helped to get this program going for Indiana. In 2001 she attended a Public Housing Residents meeting in Northern Indiana because she knew help was needed. She wanted to spread the word. She lived in Mark Elrod and personally saw how others (and herself) needed some assistance. She told people (and Governor O'Bannon) that studies show it is cheaper to help people say in their homes, instead of going to a nursing home. She passed away in 2004, 80 yr young, not benefiting from that effort. She said she knew the government was slow, but she said she did it for us - the next generation. Many thanks goes to those (IN ALL POSITIONS), who help people in public housing - especially those helping the elderly. As my Mother always said, you don't know what it is like until you have been there.

  3. Lloyd aka HighwaymanJanuary 24, 2007 at 10:04 PM

    Technically (legally) if I understand correctly, the city can't touch this money save for approving or disapproving the projects that the Housing Authority may come up with for it.
    I don't think they can confiscate it for other purposes.
    However that does not seem to have stopped them in the past from what I've heard.

  4. thanks for all the info guys. I kinda figured the city can't touch the money, I was just feeling a bit snarky :-)