Monday, January 29, 2007

What's better then having a park a block away from your house? Having a 2 and a half year old who's at the perfect age to enjoy it and taking him on the last "warm" day for a week.

Saturday's temperature peaked at 48 so I decided to bundle Conner and Lilli up and scoot over to the park for some energy burning. Conner was so well behaved through the few errands that we had to run before-hand that we stopped and got him a Sprite from White Castle.

Upon arriving at the park he was pleasantly surprised to see that Oma was joining us. Lilli was asleep so I counted my blessings and let her stay in the car asleep.

We had the entire playground to ourselves and it was a blast. Conner loves to climb and go down the slides and he even got to "fly" on the swings.

I'm so glad that New Albany put this park in and didn't skimp. It's huge and is set on great grounds next to the local elementary school.

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