Monday, February 5, 2007


Why is it the more stuff I have to write about the less I feel like writing?

A big weekend was had by the Paris'! On Saturday I took Conner to see Go, Diego Go Live and saw Ms. Kirsten do an AMAZING job as Alicia. (seriously she was amazing I mean I had like tears in my eyes when she came out because how cool is this? She is doing exactly what she wants and is fabulous at it)

of course last night was the amazing SUPERBOWL where the Colts kicked Chicagos ass up and down the field. Woot!

The biggest thing that happened was while on the way to my mom and dads to watch the game, as we approached the highway I noticed two guys who looked like they were in the process of making the underside of the overpass a cozy little home.

That night when we got home and I started watching the weather and it said it was going to get down in the negatives, it's like someone just spoke to me. I finished feeding Lilli and handed her to Adam. I ran to the coat closet and pulled out all our fleece jackets that haven't been worn in months and years and grabbed some longsleeve shirts I got from my old job and announced that I was taking these to those men we saw earlier.

Adam didn't even try to talk me out of it. They were extremely grateful and all the way home I wished I could have done more, especially when one of the gentlemen asked if any of the jackets came with hoods. I wished I had blankets or something to cover their heads. It weighed on my mind all night and all morning and finally it hit me. Since I have this time now that I'm working at home, and instead of bitching about the sorry state (it really is) of our community I was going to do something proactive.

My sister is a crocheting fool and I called her this morning and asked how hard it was to learn how to crochet and how long did it take to make a scarf? After some encouraging words from her I ran to the local craft store on my break to pick up some yarn and a knitting needle.

I'm going to work fast now to get some scarves made and keep them in my car for just an instance last night. Then I'm going to continue to work on the scarves all summer and hopefully moving on to hats and build up a stockpile for next winter.

This was just an amazing experience. The last few Sundays at church (and weeks) one of the things thats weighed so heavily on my mind is the fact that I dont feel grateful enough or that I do enough to give back. yeah I pay my tithes and I donate lots of clothes to Goodwill but I just needed something more. This is the perfect opportunity, it's like God just dumped this right in my lap.

Yarn is pretty cheap and this will give me something to do with my hands other then eat :-) Of course if any of you have any leftover yarn that you'd like to send my way I'll put it to good use, and I think my sister is going to help out for sure.

I'll keep you guys posted on the status of this.


  1. Oh wow, that is such a wonderful thing! That was so considerate and thoughtful of you. I think my heart would have broken to see the situation.

  2. You are a beautiful person. How many of us, me included, would have passed those guys and locked our doors out of fear? "Whatever you do for the least of My bretheren" (spelling?)
    As my grandmother used to say, you just earned another star in your crown in heaven. I'll work on getting some yarn to you since I can't crochet, I'm left handed and nobody could teach me.

  3. This is such a great idea - very thoughtful!
    I am learning to knit. Maybe some of us could get together and form some kind of circle of crafty goodness and conversation. It could be a BYOC (Bring Your Own Craft/Cause).