Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I suppose it's just human nature for people to want to bitch. (hello what am I doing now?), but sometimes the motives behind it just go right through me. Or it could just be "that time of the month".

Let's review these nerve-raking events in list form shall we?

*New Albany Politics and It's Commentators. Look, obviously there is a certain person you want to run for candidacy (i'm guessing it's yourself) or you wouldn't be so freaking critical (unreasonably) about the candidates that are actually running. You know the ones who are taking the time from their schedules to put themselves in this shit position. So unless you're gonna actually offer help or suggestions? Shut it.

* When someone calls you on the phone, and then proceeds to have a conversation with someone they are with. Sweet Joseph and Mary! I can't conceive of anything more rude, so if you do this to me and I hang up, you know why.

* Conner's incessant whining recently. OH.MY.GOD. will it ever stop? I'm thinking only if I smoother him with a pillow. What? I keed, I keed. I know this is all part of the being two, but really son, that's it.

*Being pulled in 50 direction. Chances are if you are getting ready to ask me to "volunteer" for something. You're gonna get a big Hells-to-the-NO. My schedule is full and my appts are booked, have your people call my people and we'll work something out for later. Don't misunderstand, I am quite happy to be fulfilling my current obligations, but for your sanity and mine don't ask me anything more. I simply can't.

*Bills. Ok really this whole bill thing is a bit old. They get in the way of me buying other fun stuff. I'm over it.


  1. I am SO glad that I am not the only one!! How about when you've had a crappy day and you call your husband to vent and he tells you what you should do about it...ummm, I did NOT call for ADVICE, i called to COMPLAIN so stop telling me what to do or you will be the next item on my list!!

  2. Julie you are so right! All I want is for you to stand there and how tell me how awesome I am and everyone else is an asshat. How is that hard?

  3. I have a helpful suggestion about the politics reference. Identify the problem, target a solution, be unified in the response, and win the race.
    Unity. Elusive, but quite helpful.