Monday, April 23, 2007

the BAN

I'm still having a hard time comprehending what exactly the Supreme Court was thinking last week.

Why, why, why would that ban something that is really only ever used for a medical emergency? Why would they make this decision that could and will affect so many women and families. My guess is none of them had ever been told that if they keep they baby they will die, or given the option of terminating now, or waiting for the baby to die, only to have to deliver the dead baby in a few weeks. Can you freaking imagine having to go through the turmoil and difficulty of labor to have nothing to show? I get sick just thinking about it.

Our "leadership" in Washington is going about this whole minimizing abortions the wrong way. We need a real grassroots effort here kids. Obviously the whole abstinence only program is not working. We need to educate people on what can happen, and give people access to condoms and birth control more readily. We also need to work on this whole personal responsibility thing.

Here's my take, pregnancy is a potential consequence of having sex, if you get pregnant it's not a surprise. If you can't handle all the possible consequences then maybe you're not ready for the action. Every action has a consequence rather it be positive or negative. It's not about the government trying to tell you what to do, it's about taking responsibility for your actions. having a kid not the right thing for you right now, well you shouldn't be bangin' whoever, and guess what, you can always work with an adoption agency. I realize that may not be the most pleasant or the quickest solution, but it's doing the right thing.

Here's my shot for today's 365 and my response to the brew-ha-ha from last week. Get ready, it's got lots of unsightly stretch marks. Another consequence :-) of course it has the best consequence of all. It was inspired by a mini-challenge in the 365 group that I belong to, and if you get a chance should check out the other shots there. they are extremely thought provoking.

day 74/ Consequences


  1. I love the picture. I love the motivation behind it.
    And I agree with everything you said. Teaching abstinence, although a lovely idea, is just ridiculous. We need real education and adults that aren't too squeamish to really talk about truths and consequences. I think another aspect of the education should be the emotional aspect. There is an emotional heaviness in sex, especially if you aren't ready. Even as an adult, there is some emotional upheaval regarding sex. And that, was never talked about to me. Actually, none of it was ever talked about to me. My Sex Ed. was being handed a button that said "Pet your dog, not your date" and being told to abstain until marriage.
    The difficult part though, is that one can talk until they are blue in the face. One can have hard facts, personal experiences, etc. and people - they don't want to listen. Perhaps an inherently human trait, but every one has a slight invincibility complex and is sure that they know better, that for THEM, it's different.
    Without personal responsibility being taken, which is lacking in damn near every aspect of our society, it's impossible for all that much change. Solutions can't be manufactured if no one is willing to step up and say they were wrong.

  2. toryssa,
    I think you've pretty much nailed it. Exactly how I feel.
    Thanks for sharing here.