Thursday, April 12, 2007

Every Goodbye is the Birth of a Memory

The above is a Dutch proverb. I have taken this shot and the one seen below in honor of my grandfather whose birthday was this week. He was born in Holland, and of course loved tulips

Granddad passed away last August after living here in Indiana for less then 10 months. He'd moved out here from California as his health was failing. Prior to him moving here I'd only ever seen him a handful of times. I'm grateful I got to know him while he was here and he got to know his grandson (he passed away one month before Lilli was born). I'm glad I got to hear his stories of the Navy and of my grandma who died before I was born. I was glad to get to see this side of my heritage which I know so little about.

Happy Birthday Granddad and I miss you.

“Every goodbye is the birth of a memory.”

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