Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Then Adam called. He asked if we had anything that looked like a christening gown or anything for Lilli. I reminded him that we used the heirloom gown from his family for her dedication. It seemed like an odd question so I questioned him on it. He told me that the wife of one of the guys he works with is pregnant and they cannot find the heartbeat and they were going to take the baby today. He said the guy had been taking time off to be with her because they don't want to leave her alone, they found out a while ago that the baby was not going to make it, they were just waiting for the "right time" I guess.

These hard-ass roofers are driving around to baby stores to buy this family the most important piece of clothing they will ever have.

My head cannot begin to wrap itself around what they must be feeling. My heart doesn't want too.

Please if you can, say a prayer for this family and their loss.


  1. That's just awful...I will keep them in my prayers.

  2. I will keep these poor people in my prayers also.

  3. the vision of roofers looking for a christening gown makes me teary. I will keep them in my prayers.