Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Trying to play catch-up

So what's it been like a million years since I posted? Oh actually just 9 days? Never mind...

It feels like it's been longer then that, but that's probably just because we've been so busy! So this post is mostly just going to be a "we went there and did this" type of post just so I can get it all out.

I am just finishing up my first full week as an official Domestic Goddess (or "housewife if you wanna be a dick about it) and its fabulous. really! Before when I was working, I never thought I would like staying at home and keeping it in order (well kind of), but I do. Granted there have been a few moments when the Bean has been this close to being shipped out, but I dig it.

Last week I went with my sister and mom and the kiddos to the Louisville Zoo. The weather was FABULOUS and Bean behaved pretty well. (lilli bug slept the whole time). Friday night I took Bean to see Shrek 3, and it was a riot. I couldn't tell who was more excited. Now he tells everyone that he went to a movie "teater" to see Shrek.

Yesterday the back yard felt my wrath as I got the weedeater out and did some damage. but in a good way you know.

The chillens are stirring from their naps and I promised them a trip to the park when bean got up so...

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