Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bats Game

The boy is like a sponge. He can remember the most random things at the most random time. One of said things being "Buddy Bat", his happiness about that is one of the biggest reasons I am able to drag A out to Slugger Field for a game every now and then.

Last Friday was one of those days. The weather was lovely and we spent way to much money on ball-park junk food, but it was good times.

Is his mouth big enough?

day 110/Sugar, the way God intended..

Llike a pro


  1. Oh wow. Windex flavored cotton candy. Looks awesome. I'm envious!!! :-)

  2. Yay, you're back!! Glad to see things are going well...and good luck with your list, I try to do the same thing when Jeff leaves town for the weekend (to tour with the band)but somehow (I get hooked into watching some ANTM marathon or something)I never quite finish...well, the kids look like they are having fun and are as adorable as ever, so you must be doing something right!! Welcome back to blog-world!!