Saturday, June 30, 2007


Most of the time, I am pretty proud of my taste in music, and enjoy talking with other people about what's in our cars cd players or Ipods. I love knowing that I've turned someone on to a new favorite artist or at least getting them to listen to someone they swore they'd never listen to let alone like.

My current songs of fascination do not fall in this category. I feel like a 14 year old kid wasting the summer away, begging mom and dad for money to go to the mall. (well i still do that stuff I guess, but now it's Adam I beg for money).

Maroon 5 just always seems a little dirty, but kind of in a way that you don't really notice at first, but once you give the lyrics a good listen-well sometimes I blush. This song makes me want to get up and dance. He could give me a pat down at the airport...

I don't have a real explanation for this next song other then it's fun to turn up loud and drive fast, Erm I mean the speed limit.

Shop Boyz supposedly have a new style called Hood Rock and if the rest of their songs sound like this, they may go in heavy rotation. The video leaves something to be desired but I dig the song.

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