Sunday, June 24, 2007

One week down...

Alrighty kids, one week down and another to go until Adam returns. Of course it sucks to not have him here, but it's not been too bad. Like I'd said before I usually get a lot more done with him out of town and I have so far. The curtains and drapes are up in the kids room, thanks to my mom and dad, and wow. It's like a totally different room. It actually looks finished. Who'da thunk?

Ohh Ohhh. I also leave for Germany in just under 3 weeks. I can't freaking wait. I'm gonna miss bean and bug something fierce though. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that my passport arrives soon.

btw, anyone else find Mike Rowe to be a complete and total hottie?


  1. Any word on the passport?

  2. Not yet. I called last week to check and still no word on until two weeks before your trip. So I'll be calling next Monday. :-)

  3. We may have to smuggle you.
    Or UPS you.

  4. Ah. Have I ever mentioned how much I love those folks at the passport place? Anywho, I am sure that you will have it soon and I know that you will have a great trip.

  5. So, if that passport thing doesn't come through for you, I will gladly accept your ticket as a bonus. Since I have nominated myself for employee of the month. HAHA.
    and I'd say that Mike Rowe is more "handsome" in a rustic manly way than "hottie"

  6. Well now Rae, I don't think your Time-Off Request has been approved by management :-)(hehe)