Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Random Things

* The Louisville Smoking Ban- Believe it or not, I actually went out on Saturday night with some friends. Unbeknownst to me, it was the first night of the way strict smoking ban. You know what? I honestly could not tell a drop in attendance whatsoever. People need to get the hell over this. It's here and it's fine. People are not going to stop going out.

*Adam accepted his officers commission while performing his two weeks at Atterbery. I'm happy for him because this gives him a real opportunity to be a good leader to his men, and work on giving more to the community on his one weekend a month, and of course he gets a pay increase. It did extend our commitment another 3 years. I am not happy about this, and he does have to return to Ft. Benning for one 6 week course and another 12 week course. He does have 2 years to complete it, and during that time he is non-deployable. (BUSH move your shit and end this war by then. Kay? Thanks).There is also a lovely bonus when he completes the last two courses.

*I leave in less then 2 weeks for Germany! Of course that is still pending on my passport arrival. I know it's being processed as we speak but let's hope they move it the F along.

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