Sunday, July 8, 2007

Shopping makes me think

Earlier today, I promised Conner we could paint after his nap. Only when he lay down did I realize that he had no paints left. Woot, off to the store for me. Plus, I needed to get him a pair of swim trunks that didn't "hurt his tepacles".

Off to Big Lots I go. As I was pulling out of the Big Lots parking lot, I had to laugh as I remembered how, just around 10 years ago, I would have been MORTIFIED for anyone to see me coming and going from there, and if I was with my mom and dad and they had to go in, I would beg to stay in the car. Now, I am usually there at least once a week. Yeah that's not really a good story, but it made me laugh.

Since this was a solo venture, I decided to take advantage of Target being right across the street. As I was pulling in I was greeted by an ultimate frustrater. The big ass SUV in front of me is just stopped in the pedestrian walkway that's just outside the door. Just stopped. Seriously, we sat there for like 3 minutes with nothing. Then the passenger door swings open and some lady comes rolling out, the stink of entitlement (or stupidity) following close behind. If you're going to stop f-ing traffic so your fat ass doesn't have to walk "all the way" across the Target parking lot, at least be ready when your chauffeur stops. Ugghh.

On the way out I passed the cart boy sweating and heaving a long line of carts in and I chuckled and thought boy I'm glad I don't have to work in this heat anymore. Through out high school and a little bit of college I worked at my beloved Target and that was when they still had the Garden Centers in the parking lots. I loved working it. When I went to the store manager and asked if I could be scheduled out there, he laughed and said I was the only person who'd ever volunteered for that position. I think that was one of my favorite jobs.


  1. Yay Target! I am not at that store anymore, I am at Bashford Mannor. BUT I MISS IT! Do you remember that white haired man that used to be the cart attendant? I can remember driving down State Street and he was like an icon. Rain or shine he was out there in his reflective vest getting carts. I was sad to get to the store and ask about him and they told me he had died. Man I could go on and on about Target, especially the cart attendants at my new store! Don't let them try to load patio furniture into your Intrepid. Property damage will ensue!

  2. yeah Phil...he died while I was working there. I mean not at the store, but while we were both currently employed by Target. There was a lot of weird stories about how he died. He was a character for sure. He would always speak to me, well it was more like mumble.