Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busy-ness in the N'alb

Yesterday, despite the cold and rain, was a busy down around the increasingly bustling streets of New Albany.ty

I drove down Main St and saw the gorgeous purple sheen of the Cabinets by Rick truck in front of the old Abe Rental building. Then I came home to discover some wonderful sights. The little red shotgun house across the street was actually having work done. After being bought and then sitting empty for several months, this was a sight for sore eyes. The best news?? When I went over to introduce myself, I was informed that they are indeed looking to fix it up and sell it! That means one less rental property in our fair city. Woot!!

Finally, yesterday ended with a delightful social venture to the SpeakEasy Jazz Club on State St. This was my first visit there, after being put off by scheduling and quite frankly the so-so reviews I'd heard on the service. The service lived up to it's reputation unfortunately, however it was easy to be distracted by the 18 (?) piece big band that started performing around 8. Not only was the music swinging, but we were treated to the students of Shall We Dance showing off their moves.

All around a good day in the city, one that was well sought after. I am patiently awaiting reviews from the other two events that went down last night, that will have equally large impacts on our city.


  1. How did your Speakeasy trip go? I've heard nothing but bad reviews about the service at that place!

  2. unfortch they lived up to their reputation. Service was horrible. NO excuse for it really. Hopefully there will be a new chef there (from bistro) and he can take care of it.