Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Harvest Homecoming Head-butting

Adam and I look forward to Harvest Homecoming all year. It's the food mostly, following in a distant 2nd the reunions. It's a great opportunity to for local organizations to make money and raise awareness. But what about the local business's that invest in downtown all year long?

One business that I frequent 2-3 times a week had to close HH weekend because she couldn't even set up her outside tables and there was no way for patrons to get to her store front. When she sought out HH officials to find a solution and perhaps discuss how she could get the booth space in front of her store next year, she was basically told she was S.O.L. I am at a loss for words. These business's need out respect and support more then anyone. They are the ones who see the long term value in downtown, they see the glimmer and shine still left in the buildings. There has been some discussion about downtown business owners about getting together and rallying for next years HH, I will fully support any of these business's and desire to have equal representation at HH.

These downtown business's should be given first opportunity to get the booth space in front of their stores/restaurants. Or we can always move the location of HH. There's the 4H fairgrounds or the waterfront...So many options but such a long way to go.

Any other ideas out there in blogville?

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  1. It's an interesting point that it is in the bylaws of the Harvest Homecoming that business owners have priority when it comes to having a booth in front of their business.
    The problem is that they do not follow their own bylaws. In my personal experience, I was informed that it's in the bylaws that I should have priority, but the person who had that booth space had been there for years and they didn't want to move them to another space. This person lived hours away from New Albany, and was just one of many out of town people who converge on HHC to make their thousands and leave nothing but a mess.
    I'm not against HHC, I just think the bylaws need to be followed.
    Thanks for supporting downtown!!!