Monday, November 5, 2007


Guess what!??? I already have 30% of my Christmas shopping done. Woot! I know you all are thrilled. The only challenge I foresee is continuing to buy people presents anyway, for a variety of reasons really. I know they'd really like it, what's one more gift, they really deserve another present etc. I'm really bad about shopping for other people, especially at Christmas. I love, love, love buying shiz for people. From the moment I see "THE ONE" I start imagining how the whole present opening experience will go. From the picture perfect wrapping, to the package sitting under the tree all Martha Stewart like, to handing the present to the person, them opening the present (pausing to comment on how gorgeous the wrap job is...) the way their eyes light up and a small gasp escapes their lips and eyes well up as they realize this truly is the most amazing, personal present they've ever received.

Riiiight... Of course it never happens like that, they tear into the package say, "thanks" and move on to the next. Oh well a girl can dream can't she?

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