Saturday, January 19, 2008

Over thinking much?

This Christmas I found myself using much of our designated Christmas budget for charity and donating to others in a worse situation then myself. I'm glad, I tried to explain to Conner exactly what we were doing, of course that's kind of lost on a 3 year old who only wants a bow and arrow for Christmas. But that's not my point. My point is that one of the families that I donated some money too, it was an "internet buddy" and it wasn't all that much and there was a group of us going together, went to a spa. Not just went to a spa, but spent the WHOLE DAY at a spa. The first thing I thought when reading that she spent all day in a spa, was what she'd posted a month ago about how it was so hard that she was going to have to choose between paying the electric bill and getting her girls Christmas presents.

I don't regret helping her kids have a great Christmas, but I'll admit I'm a little pissed about the whole spa thing. I guess my question is should I be? Should I expect her to not spend a little money on herself in what is probably a bit of a stressful life? Should I just not even think about it and be glad that I was able to help the kids? Outside thoughts?


  1. Unfortunately you're the exception and not the rule. Our nation is very individualistic and self-centered. My idea of spoiling myself is taking a bath (without Kingston), getting to read for a few hours or sitting down to eat lunch start to finish. Not everyone is happy with so little. You can be upset but not call her out on it. It would be like taking a gift back. I guess we just need to make sure to teach our kids what actual needs are.

  2. Thanks C, for your comment. I would never call her out on it, I think we've all done stuff tat we wouldn't want to be called out on. :-)
    I can't wait to see some new pictures of Kingston!