Monday, March 10, 2008

mmm brownies

I like to bake, I really do, but more often than not I end up using a store bought mix, simply because I never have all the ingredients I need and I'm very bad about planning meals out in advance.

I needed to take desert to the knitting group last night and since Sweet Stuff was closed because of the MARCH MADNESS storm of 2008, i ended up making brownies. Not just regular brownies though, my grandma's cherry recipe!

It's easy, all you do is add a can of cherry pie filling to your brownie recipe or mix and bake like normal. Once the brownies are done then you add the icing.

Melt 1 cup of chocolate chips in a pan on the stove, stirring constantly. Once it's all melted, remove it from the heat. Then add 1 stick of softened cream cheese, and 1 cup of sifted powdered sugar. Stir until smooth. Then spread over the brownies.


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