Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Housewife Help

Hey ladies, I've got a question for you or I'm pandering for advice or experience.

I've always made light of the fact that I'm not a perfect housewife. Mostly when it comes to cleaning, I don't mind the laundry or the cooking, or grocery stuff. It's just the wretched cleaning. I'll get the house nice and clean and do really well with keeping up with it for about 2-3 days then BAM!!!! It's like the damn house has exploded and I'm left struggling to get back afloat.

What's your secret? Do you have a schedule that you stick to, or is it just your forte.

Please share your tips with us all! (before my Adam goes nuts)


  1. check out messies.com and www.flylady.net. Also I'll email you more!

  2. I'm nobody's house frau, but I've found that loud music and drinking can make house cleaning fun!