Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick Lesson

Alright look people, it looks like we need to go over something. First of all. are we all aware that the standard tipping percentage is 15%!? So on a $25.00 ticket your tip at least (with adequate service of course) would be $3.75, MINIMUM. If your ticket is $50.00 your tip should be $7.50 MINIMUM! $4.00 on a $35.00 ticket is not OK. Sorry to beat a dead horse but DAYUM people, you are leaving me no choice. Oh and here's a little tip for you, if you're going to leave someone a dollar tip on a $25.00 meal, and then leave an invitation to your church? Don't be surprised when someone doesn't show up!

ATTN: Presidential Candidates, here is a campaign platform that will solidify your votes from the service industry:
1. All US citizens must work 6 months in retail and 6 months in serving.
2. If you are a continuously shitty tipper you will be referred to the Asshats Tipping University.

Now, not all of restaurant patrons are jerks, but the ones that are bad, are just really, really bad!

Chew on this peeps and think about it next time you're out to eat.


  1. 3.75 on 61.25 is NEVER okay.

  2. What brought about this rant? (I totally agree with you, by the way?)

  3. Here, here, I second that. I never was a server in a restaurant, but did work as hostess at Sam's in high school and not only do people tip poorly, but they are real assholes when they are hungry. That's what I learned from the restaurant business.