Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I just had another order over at my Etsy!

And I got a new lens today for my camera. A fiddy. My dad was awesome enough to give me some old 35mm camera's he had and asked if I wanted to trade them in towards a new lens since I've been having some trouble with my kit lens. So off I headed to Chuck Rubins. Not only did they fix my 18-55mm kit lens (kind of) but I found that 50mm for a steal. I also made quite a list (haha) and got a sweet bag for my stuff.

Here's the first shot with my 50.

Guess Who Got a Fiddy!?   day 87/365

You can't really tell how awesome it is because this was just done in the car in front of the house while I was letting the kids nap, but I can't wait for more practice with it! I'm gonna start flexing the heck out of my manual muscle now. The 50 is perfect for portrait shots which is what I mostly use so I can't wait! I need to just copy pages of my users manual and carry them around with me.

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