Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gratitude Thursdays

So Sarah has done a wonderful job of inspiring me to help remind myself of all I really have to be grateful for.

While this should probably be a daily thing for me, I'd like to do it weekly for sure. So here goes.

I'm grateful for:

* My beautiful, joyful, loving healthy children
* What a wonderful dad my husband is.
* My supportive family who helps out more then they'll ever know with the kiddos!
* My fun, easy job, albeit a bit stressful at times, I work with some fun people and even though I have some real turds occasionally it's always outweighed by the lovely customers who tip well and make great conversation.
* My church and the wonderful people and ministries I've been exposed to.
* Knitting For a Need, it's taken off so well and we have so many participants, we're looking for more projects to donate too!
* My sweet neighbors!
* Music, music and music!!!!

And it makes me 115/365


  1. I love that picture. where are you working now?

  2. Yay! Hope to see you soon!