Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Growing up

Every now and then I get to feeling sorry for myself about the fact that my Bean is getting so big! He sleeps wonderfully in his bed and has no problems with the bathroom thing and can carry on a conversation with anyone about anything.

Monday night he and I walked over to the park behind the house so he could burn some energy. There were a couple other boys at the playground who were 6 or 7 and Conner immediately went up and tried to play with them. I saw him watching them and them ignoring him. I knew what they were thinking, they didn't want to play with the baby. My heart was aching, even though he had no idea what was going on. He was like a small, fragile baby whom I wanted to pick up and carry him home and protect him from everything. The hurt feelings, the struggles with school, the stress of every day life. But I knew I couldn't and wouldn't always be able too.

I led him over to another part of the playground and we played ice cream store. (he always orders the bear meat ice cream, you know like Davey Crocket). That's my bean.

That's why I take pictures like this of him, I always want to remember this.

last lick

Sweet boy


  1. That was beautiful, Courtney. As Dorothy pulls up I want to keep her from falling, but she is going to sometimes. But it still leaves a sick feeling that I can't protect her at all times.

  2. Those are wonderful pictures. Conner is going to find much cooler friends who share his love of bear meat ice cream.

  3. I feel that ache over the decision to have more kids. I don't know how we'll decide we're done. It seems so sad and final. I just dread having to make that decision.

  4. These are great shots!