Saturday, June 14, 2008

Save the Ouerbacker!

Any of you local readers or old house fanatics are probably familiar with the Ouerbacker Manion in the Russell Neighborhood in Louisville.

It was featured in Save this Old House in November, in This Old House Magazine, and several local photographers have shot it.

In todays Courier-Journal, it was announced that unless someone stepped forward soon, it would have to demolish it. According to the paper. "The city will sell the house for $1, and it would then spend $50,000 to stabilize it and give a buyer another $50,000 grant for restoration, Poynter said. The cost of restoration has been estimated to be at least $1 million."

The house holds special significance to me for several reasons, first of all it's a beautiful old house and the architectural and historical aspects of it are phenomenal, secondly the same architects of the Ouerbacker mansion also designed the Conrad-Caldwell House where, as many of you know, Adam and I were married. In fact, after the article in This Old House came out we actually discussed going for the house, but it didn't take long for us to figure out that we don't have near the assets!

Please spread the word to any and all old house fans!

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  1. just wanted to know if you knew who got the house.I have been wanting this house for so long and never knew it was ever up for sale.if you know the new owner I am curious if he or she would like to sell it