Thursday, June 19, 2008

She doesn't need to be wearing them anyway.

God Bless America.


  1. What would you do if a product broke and injured your eye?

  2. if it was my underwear? Chalk it up to me being stupid. Seriously I have that exact pair of underwear she's talking about and it's not like the stuff just flies off, I mean it had to be under a lot of strain to go flying off.

  3. Unless she got one that wasn't manufactured as well as yours.
    I don't know if she's right or wrong, but I think she could be right. It's possible that the product was manufactured in such a way that it was dangerous, even if it does seem silly that underwear could inflict injury.

  4. What if the underwear was just to small or she got it caught on her foot when she was putting them on? Then what, then should she be given a significant amount of money even though it was her fault?
    and the connector that they are talking about is not a "staple" it's a molded metal bracket.
    Plus given the position of the charm, logistically it does not make sense.

  5. If she's lying or V.S. isn't at fault, then she won't be awarded any money and she'll be stuck paying her lawyer.