Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I love when it storms, at night. I hate it raining during the day because that means I have to go out side with the kids and be in the mess. It's a major pain.

Sarah had a different take on it today which totally made me think. She talked about all the reasons she likes the rain, despite the fact that it affects some health issues she has. She then asked us what we liked about the rain.

I love when it rains because that means I don't have to go outside and get eaten alive by the mosquitoes when I go to water the vegetables.

I also started to think about a couple months ago, I was at Target with Conner and Lilli, we had been running errands all day long trying to avoid the mess as it had been raining all day long. As we're walking out to the car Conner asks if he can jump in this huge puddle by the car. My gut reaction was to screech no at the top of my lungs but I thought, You know what? Does it really matter if he gets his shoes and socks wet? We're on the way home, and, would I rather make sure he doesn't make a mess or would I rather he be able to look back someday and remember that his mom used to let him jump in puddles when he was little?

That's called a no-brainer.

(an older picture, April 2006, but cute non-the-less)

Oh good. A puddle


  1. Oh I love not watering the garden too! And I'll have to remember to let D jump in puddles every now and then.