Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shooting Those We Love

(of course I mean with a camera)

A photography forum that I visit (too)frequently recently posted a link to this blog entry by a photographer who just lost his step-dad to ALS.

In the entry, he talks about his experience in working at Kinko's and "fixing" photos for people's funeral, and some of the sadness that was brought by the lack of photos the deceased friends and family actually had to remember them by.


He spoke of how glad he was he got to photograph his step-dad and really capture who he was. Not just some snapshots taken during Christmas or birthdays.

baitin' the hook

This writing got me thinking about my photos and those I love and who are closest to me. You people know who you are, but did you know that you're the hardest for me to shoot? I'm not quite sure why that is, but i want it to change.

plane ride

So that's my challenge to myself, to accurately capture those who are most important in my life. Your challenge, if you're a photographer, do the same thing, turn your camera on those you love, if you're a member of my family or close friend, shut up and let me take your picture. :-)



  1. great, yea i read that article, pretty chilling.
    i decided about a week ago to carry my camera with me no matter what for atleast a year. i know i will get made fun of but eh, oh well, its what i do. I took a ton of photos of my grandma spite her requests because i dont think anyone has any of her. I am closer to her then my own mother, but I love each the same.
    great stuff

  2. You are great. Your family is great. Your pictures are great. This entry was great. In that order. :P

  3. You are so kind, thoughtful, talented and brave. It is hard for me to believe we are related sometimes. I guess you better take some pictures. Yours are the ones I have of everyone in our family and each time I look at them I smile. Thank you.