Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So when the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through the area last week, Chez la Ceece got hit pretty hard!

We had a big part of a tree down in the back and a big branch in the front, with damage to both the house roof and the garage roof. BUT no injuries and given the size of the trees on our property we're actually pretty lucky. Plus, we've got home insurance and really the only thing that upset us a little was the fact that one branch did go through a wall of the house, into the bedroom that we JUST got done stripping the wallpaper from, skimcoating and painting!

house damage (70).JPG

Oh well, at least it's a tiny hole!

Here's the front part of the house.

house damage (1).JPG
We were pretty excited though to get a peek of the woodwork underneath the nasty vinyl! It's gorgeous and we're even more motivated to get the rest of the evil stuff off and spruce up the beautiful wood underneath!

house damage (16).JPG
The wind flung open the storm door and it hit the planter sitting on the porch and shattered the glass. It was a little scary as I was standing right there. It also bent the frame and tore part of the screws out of the door jamb!

The tree that went down in the back and tore up part of the garage, our 2 fences and broke the old window on the side of the garage :-(

If you want to see more pictures, click on any of the ones above.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped saw, move and clear!


  1. Oh gosh!!! That's terrible; I'd be so pissed! Glad to hear everyone is ok though.

  2. Your house sure keeps you busy! Right when you think you're caught up, BAM. We're having the same issue with our house. One step forward, two steps back. Good luck with the clean up and repairs. :)