Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fabulous Etsy Finds

As I mentioned before, I love supporting handmade ventures. Etsy has been the biggest supporter of the handmade industry. I have purchased several items from Etsy sellers, from yarn to jewelry to clothing.

I have also sold several items via Etsy.

One of the most fun things about getting my Etsy orders is the amount of time and energy that most of the sellers put into their packaging. As I posted about on my photography blog, packaging is one of my weak spots.

I've ordered a few more pieces of jewelry from Maizie Designs and when they arrived the other day, I just had to snap some more pictures, her packaging is so cute!

Take a look!


  1. You are a SWEETIE! Thanks for this super post and I look forward to reading through your wonderful blog!

  2. your jewlery is very pretty. i like your packaging.