Friday, June 19, 2009

Hooray! I'm pleased to announce that is finally live! I am ready to rock and roll with some boudoir sessions. Please stop by and say hello and let me know what you think!

While I shoot weddings and portraits, boudoir sessions have always been my favorite. I love the femininity of them, the fun that I have with the girls during the sessions, and I just love when they get their images how great they feel about themselves.

They make a great anniversary, birthday, Christmas, wedding or heck Father's Day present! Or I love when someone gives me a buzz and wants to do one "just because"!

And please, please be assured that I regard your privacy in the utmost regard. I absolutely will not splash your image around (unless you want me too!)

I look forward to "shooting" all you hotties out there reading soon! :-)


  1. AH! If gas wasn't dumb and the economy didn't suck, I'd drive down! AH!

    (I hate commenting here because you don't have the name/url option so please ignore my google account. lol)

  2. As soon as gas and the economy get better, I'm holding you too that! ;-)